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Centey Development Company Limited (Former Xiamen Centey Metal Products Co., Ltd.) was initiated by Hong Kong Centey International Company Limited in 2001, who dedicates to R&D, design, manufacturing and machining for Brass, Aluminum and Stainless Steel Tactile Paving products. Centey is specialized in developing various kinds of metal casting and forging tactile products as per customers’ requirements. The tactile paving products feature novel design and diversified styles, which are very popular with all customers from domestic and overseas markets, such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, U.K., France and Germany etc. Centey has own patented tactile products, which cover a wide range of materials: stainless steel, brass, aluminum, corten steel, rubber and plastic...

Centey is a professional manufacturer of Stainless Steel Tactile Paving for directional guidance & hazard warning and to aid the visually impaired. Stainless Steel Tactile Paving (also called tactile ground surface indicators, stainless steel tactile indicator, tactile studs, tactile strips, guidance path, blister surfaces, truncated domes, tactile hazard warning surfaces, detectable warning dots and detectable warning surfaces etc.) is a system of textured ground surface indicators found on many footpaths, stairs, shopping malls, airports and train station platforms to assist blind and vision impaired pedestrians, and for directional guidance & hazard warning.

Centey has a dream team, who aspires to become a leading supplier of Stainless Steel Tactile Paving in China, popularize tactile studs, tactile strips and the other relevant tactile products to be largely used in safe flooring field. Working with us, you will get very competitive prices, high quality products and the best service.

Nowadays, Centey is well-known by professional manufacturing experience and advanced design concept in Tactile Paving field, we are willing to work with our friends to create brilliant tomorrow.

Centey Keeps You Safe Every Step of the Way!

 盛科发展有限公司(前身厦门盛科金属制品有限公司)由香港盛科国际有限公司在2001年创办,公司一直致力于金属盲道的研发、设计、生产和加工,拥有各类数控车床、精密仪器设备和一支训练有素的员工队伍,技术力量雄厚,具有独立开发和研制各种铸造、锻造金属盲道的能力。盛科制造的金属盲道,设计新颖,款式多样,不仅防滑防摔、美化地面,同时可为盲人和视觉障碍者引路,起到无障碍导盲作用。我们拥有自己的盲道专利产品, 且各种盲道使用材料涉及面广,涵盖不锈钢、铜、铝、特种钢、橡胶和塑料等多种不同材质。公司产品远销澳大利亚、新西兰、新加坡、日本、英国、法国、德国等十几个国家,广受各国客户好评。

        盛科各种盲道产品广泛应用于大型商场、楼梯、机场、地铁、火车站等地方。公司立志成为中国大陆地区一家重要的盲道供应商,向世界各地客户推广金属盲道及其相关产品, 并使之广泛应用于安全地板领域。我们将竭力提供最低的价格,最优的产品和最好的服务给每一位盛科的客户。